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My Study My Way is the student inclusion platform for Higher Education, developed by AbilityNet and powered by Clear Talents. It was developed to help universities and colleges to create an inclusive education environment as part of AbilityNet's vision of a digital world where higher education is equally accessible to all.

We understand the challenges faced by institutions supporting diverse learners in Higher Education; encouraging diversity, timely needs identification, speed of implementing support, and many other practical barriers which slow down change.

My Study My Way is an easy-to-use system that automates the process of identifying each student's needs - the reports it provides offer students and advisers the information and advice they need to succeed. But it also offers the data needed to help develop and deliver best practice inclusion and diversity strategy.

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How does it work?

My Study My Way invites students to take an active role in ensuring they get the most out of their time at university. It focusses on the key areas of university life, enabling students to identify any barriers they may face during the course of their studies and then signposts what they need to do next to remove these barriers.

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Step 1 - the student answers questions about how different circumstances can present challenges

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Step 2 - a profile detailing unique learning requirements is created from the student's responses

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Step 3 - a personalised summary, full of guidance and support, enables them to perform their best

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Step 4 - the student shares their profile with Student Services to inform discussions about support

With a cohort of students using My Study My Way staff can access dashboards and case management features along with organisation statistics that can be used to inform universal adjustments to benefit a wide range of students, resourcing for support services and inclusivity strategy planning - allowing you to realise an institution-wide approach to diversity and inclusion.

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Download our My Study My Way FAQs document for staff

Download our My Study My Way FAQs document for students 

My Study My Way - powered by Clear Talents

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